I am not one of those fall-loving maniacs inevitably filling up your facebook feed, exactly. I certainly appreciate autumn, especially when I have weekends off to enjoy with the family (a rarity in the wedding industry!). But I’m particular and I have to be in the right mood to get into the spirit. This year worked out pretty well because we had a beach trip at the tail end of August — SUCH lovely timing, might I say! It allowed us to stretch the summer just a little bit more (particularly while it’s still hot as blazes!) and end-cap the season with as many bikini-clad days as we could want. I like to really wear out the whole pool scene before I can devote myself to a season that will usher in miserable cold. (BOO.)

That said, there’s something about Labor Day that nails the coffin shut on summer mentality — you can’t deny the fact that school is well underway (our girls started preschool August 13), and pools close and Target’s Dollar Spot is a Halloween frenzy. I’m not totally into it yet (some years I’m like “GIVE ME A PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE STAT!” by the end of August), but we have been burning our pumpkin coconut candle and I’m not side-eyeing all the mercury glass pumpkins at HomeGoods anymore.

I love bucket lists. They give me something to reference on the days or weekends we have nothing planned to do, and it’s a festive way to thoroughly enjoy a season. (Would we have made homemade ice cream and gone crabbing if we hadn’t planned to at the beginning of the summer? Debatable.) So without further ado, here’s my fall y’all bucket list, 2018 edition!

Make paleo pumpkin bread. One of my faaaaavorite baked goods of all time is a gluten-free pumpkin/chocolate oat muffin recipe, but it jacks up my blood sugar and constipates Lilly to a point of misery. (I think oats are just not our friend.) Saw this recipe on a blog I follow and was immediately intrigued!

Go to the pumpkin patch with family friends. I have a love-hate relationship with the pumpkin patch. I love the festivity of it, I love taking pictures of the girls in their smocked pumpkin dresses, I love the actual pumpkins we end up with and decorating our home with them. But I HATE sweating to death in October (usually in jeans and a flannel shirt because I want it to be fall, dang it). Last year I was smart and wore white denim short-shorts and a long sleeve orange top and it was way more bearable. But I mean, sandals and white denim? In late October? Come on, Tennessee. I do think the pumpkin patch will be more bearable and less miserable in the company of good friends. Aren’t all things better with the right company?

Attend an outdoor concert. Meant to do this all summer, never got a chance. It’ll be more fun when the evenings get a little crisp, right? Maybe the full moon pickin’ party in September?

Go trick-or-treating with the girls and their cousins. We did this last year and it was so fun! I’m excited both the girls are old enough now to walk around and “get it” somewhat, but candy and a peanut allergy is a little anxiety-producing. Also not sure what we’re going to do for costumes yet — we love dressing up as a family but Lilly requested a “pink princess” this year so we’ll see how we can make that happen.

Become a barre instructor! This has been a goal of mine since college and was one of my big visions when I attended Making Things Happen in Oct. 2012! My training is this weekend!!!

Watch a UT game on my in-laws’ outdoor entertaining patio. Drew’s parents moved into their new house in June and we all marveled how perfect the setup will be for watching some college football come the fall!

Polish off a fabulous fall wedding season. My team coordinated a PHENOMENAL wedding in July (no hiccups!) so I want to carry that theme on out and knock the next few out of the park. Next up is Sept. 15!

Maintain a solid routine filled with life-giving rituals and experiences. No more floundering, I want to “win” at life this season and feel like we’ve got a good handle on things. Clean house, healthy meals and bodies, good sleep schedule, positive habits to replace old bad ones, peace and fruit of the spirit!

Carve or paint pumpkins. We’ve always wanted to but haven’t done it before because newborns and survival mode.

Do some kind of fall craft. I’m not super crafty, but I’d like to do something! Maybe I can count “display a fall craft the girls made at school” as the same thing…

Go to the zoo. Maybe even do Boo at the Zoo?!

Get a fall-toned hair refresh. I’ve been getting the same haircut since February and going blonder and blonder for summer. I think I want something with more lowlights (but definitely still blonde around my face!) and more length for the cooler months. Haircut scheduled for Sept. 14!

Cool it on the wine. There are seasonal expectations for what boozy beverages coincide with the time of year (champagne at New Year’s, red wine and pumpkin beer in the fall, rose in summer, mimosas in the spring), but I want a season of healthier stress coping mechanisms and better social functioning. I’ve been reading (listening! #audible) to Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis over the last week and her chapter on drinking really resonated with me. “Wine mom” culture = scary, y’all. Scary and COMMON.

What’s on your list?! Anything I missed?!